Twinkies are an American made food that are small cakes in the shape of a tube with a cream filling. People like Twinkies because they are tasty and they have lots of sugars that kids’ tongues and taste buds like.  Also, Twinkies have a soft cake-like bread on their outside and a creamy, tasty whipped cream-like filling.  Kids think this is great and they may assume that, if their parents give them Twinkies, that they are good for them.

Twinkies contain many sugars and chemical dyes including corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, and Red 40 which makes kids hyper. These ingredients work together to make the human body want to eat more.  Eating Twinkies gives kids lots of energy that will go away quickly, which makes your body think that you need more.

Now I will tell you about how Twinkies are rated on two public websites. One was called and the other was gives Twinkies an F and gives them a D-. The reason they gave it a F and D- is due to what’s in them and the effect that certain ingredients like Red 40, Yellow 5, and Calcium Caseinate may have on your body.

One of the worst ingredients in a Twinkie is Red 40. Now you are probably thinking, “What the heck?” because there’s no red stuff in a Twinkie. Red 40 makes kids hyper and in my opinion it is addictive for kids and is concerning. Some allergic symptoms have been reported by the Expert Committee on Food Additives in 2010 about Red 40. The report includes that when 52 patients were administered 1 or 10 mg of Red 40, 15% showed allergic symptoms including urticaria (hives) or angioedema (rapid swelling in the skin).

Another concerning ingredient is calcium caseinate. Now this has pangamic acid which is bad for you and can cause kidney stones. Kidney stones are bad and cause you to get a stone like object which can (if big) get clogged in your urinary tract and block urine which causes severe pain or blood in urine. Calcium caseinate also has MSG which is a very concerning ingredient in many foods. MSG is a flavor enhancer commonly added to Chinese food, canned vegetables, soups and processed meats. MSG has been found to sometimes to cause headaches, flushing, sweating, numbness, rapid heartbeats, chest pain, nausea and weakness.

My personal thoughts on Twinkies is that they are very bad for you. In addition to the food dyes and calcium caseinate, preservatives are awful for your body and they are so concentrated they can make a Twinkie last for eight months and more on the shelf without even rotting.

Well that’s what are in Twinkies and what I think about them. I hope you learned something from this because I have just by just researching this product. So next time when you think of buying a new food, check the label.

by Guy B., Grade 6



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