Wheat Thins


Wheat Thins are known for their healthy ingredients and reduced fat. Everybody loves eating Wheat Thins because each cracker is crunchy, delicious, and seems healthy! But are they?

People think Wheat Thins are healthy but they are not. Some of the ingredients in Wheat Thins include whole grain wheat flour, sugar, soybean oil, cornstarch, and malt syrup. One of the notices says,“ BHT ADDED TO PACKAGING MATERIAL TO PRESERVE FRESHNESS.” But do people know what BHT is? Well, BHT is one of the bad ingredients from Wheat Thins.

In my research I found out that BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene or butylhydroxytoluene) is inside the package of Wheat Thins. If you’re not familiar of BHT it is a chemical/food preservative that helps foods last longer on the shelf. If you consume food packaged with BHT daily (which a lot of people do) then it will be harmful to you and your body.

BHT actually can cause cancer to animals and humans as shown in a case study by David Suzuki, owner of the David Suzuki foundation – a science-based environmental organization. BHT and BHA is unhealthy for people to eat. If you just put it on your skin, nothing happens. The study that Dr. Suzuki did says that BHT and BHA can cause liver thyroid and kidney problems.

Personally I loved the taste of Wheat Thins but after all of this researching on hundreds of websites I probably will not eat it again. I don’t really recommend this product to other kids or even other products that contains these kind of ingredients. I also know that I have to be more careful of how I eat and what I eat because it can save a life.

Some alternative products to Wheat Thins are brands like Sticks & Twigs “Mary’s Gone Crackers”. Those are much healthier than Wheat Thins! They don’t contain any bad ingredients like BHT or Soybean Oil which is very unhealthy for you. I recommend “Mary’s Gone Crackers” more than Wheat Thins because they are much healthier and they don’t contain any bad ingredients like BHT.

by Shayne D.



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