Strawberries Wild


Strawberries Wild is a smoothie at Jamba Juice. A lot of kids like it because it is healthy but it tastes delicious too. Fooducate.Com rates Strawberries Wild a “B-”.

Some ingredients in this smoothie are strawberries, bananas, sugar and xanthan gum. Strawberries and bananas are important parts of the smoothie.  Sugar – as all kids should know – tastes good but is not good for you, and xanthan gum is a chemical that makes the smoothie stick together.

The bad thing that makes Strawberries Wild a “B-” is the sugar. There are 77g of sugar in one Strawberries Wild smoothie! The average person takes in 156 pounds of sugar per year, and 77g is a lot of sugar for a single smoothie!

Obesity is when you are quite a bit over your average weight.  In a 2012 study done about child obesity by The National Institute for Nutrition and Food Safety in China, children ages 6-13 were studied.  Researchers in the study said that sugar-sweetened beverages are an important cause of child obesity.

If you’d like to enjoy a slightly healthier smoothie with 10g of sugar, try “Razzmatazz”, another Jamba Juice favorite.  Another option is making your own smoothie at home.  Thanks for reading!



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