Ocean Potion ICE


Ocean Potion Skin Care Instant Burn Relief ICE is a very attractive gel product. It helps heal your sunburn, and numb the pain. Ocean Potion ICE is cheap.  The ads say if you are in pain just “Wave the Coolness” on your burn and it will help constantly.  Says Alona, “I used to use Ocean Potion ICE® because it helped me heal my sunburn, and when it was irritating I put it on and it relieved the pain. I didn’t think anything was wrong with it.”

Ocean Potion ICE® is rated 6 out of 10 by the Environmental Working Group, so we decided this product wasn’t that perfect after all.

What we have seen is that companies like Ocean Potion® can take advantage of consumers like us and put pretty much anything in their products to make it cheap, make it work, and make it pretty, all while leaving out one important detail: Is it safe?

For example, the most active ingredient in this product is lidocaine, a drug that causes numbness in an area of your body.  Lidocaine is given before surgery, and the side affects for it can be really bad stuff like seizures*.


Another ingredient in Ocean Potion ICE is propylparaben, a preservative in a lot of personal care products, including this one.  The problem with propylparaben and other chemicals in the paraben family is that they are endocrine disruptors*.  At a certain dose parabens can interfere with a mammal’s hormone system, which is not good.

Companies like Ocean Potion® are being very sneaky to get stuff like this in, and sneaky to make sure people don’t know or don’t want to know about it, because if people found out about lidocaine and parabens they probably wouldn’t buy the products.

Companies will keep selling this stuff as long as people keep buying it, and that’s because they are just trying to make money, but what we have to remember that it is our choice to decide what we buy and don’t buy at the store.

These are just a few examples about how cosmetics companies are treating us and we should make a stop to it, this would help us as well as the rest of the world to show that we want products that to take care of us, not hurt us, and that would make this world be a better place.

In the end if you decide that Ocean Potion ICE®is not for you, there is another another after-sun product to help you heal your sunburn, the product’s name is Aromatica Organic Aloe Vera Gel.

The Environmental Working Group gave this product a score of 0 out of 10. This product, according to the Environmental Working Group uses all natural and organic ingredients including aloe vera gel and beard moss extract. You will certainly love it!

  Definitions for our Article:

Endocrine Disruptor: Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that at certain doses, can interfere with the endocrine (or hormone system) in mammals like humans or rats, etc. These disruptions can cause cancerous tumors, birth defects, and other developmental disorders.

Hormone System: The endocrine system is the system of glands, each of which sends different types of hormones directly into the bloodstream.

Lidocaine:  A drug that causes numbness in a specific area of your body.

Propylparaben: A preservative in cosmetic products (Keeps the product from going bad).

Seizure:  A sudden attack, spasm, or convulsion.

by Alona B. and Aiden R.

Alona  Aiden



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