Wacky Foam Sunscreen


Sunscreen was made to protect people from sunburns.  Sunscreen is a cream that you lather on your body to protect yourself from sunburns.  There is a Sunscreen by Coppertone called Wacky Foam Sunscreen.

A lot of people think that it’s a good sunscreen for kids, but that’s not always the case.  This product can cause bad allergies if you use this sunscreen too much.  Wacky Foam Sunscreen has been rated by the Environmental Working Group and was rated a 7 out of 10.

Wacky Foam Sunscreen has many ingredients, including oxybenzone, isobutane, benzyl alcohol and retinyl palmitate.  Oxybenzone is the most dangerous ingredient in this sunscreen, it can cause you not to grow and can change you by seeping through your skin and into your cells permanently and it can make you have bad allergies like hives.  Isobutane is another dangerous ingredient that can cause allergies.  It is also dangerous for your insides like your heart and brain or lungs.

Benzyl Alcohol is also dangerous for your body.  It can make you have allergies like hives and it can hurt your insides like your heart and lungs because the chemicals can seep through your skin and hurt your organs.  Retinyl Palmitate is very bad for you, this ingredient can cause you not grow bigger.  It can also hurt your heart and insides.

In a study conducted by scientists Gilaberte and Carrascosa in a Hospital in San Jorge, Spain, it was found that oxybenzone should be avoided in sunscreens for children.  This is important because it can cause allergies and oxybenzone in sunscreen is an allergen.

My personal review for this product, Wacky Foam Sunscreen, is that it is not a good product because of all the harmful ingredients like Oxybenzone and Isobutane, and because it can cause allergic reactions like hives.

A healthy alternative is Butterbean Sunscreen or any other baby sunscreens.  You can buy Butterbean Sunscreen on their website, ButterBeanSunscreen.Com. You may think, “Ohh… ButterBean Sunscreen is for babies and I’m not a baby!”  But it’s still sunscreen, and it’s very healthy for you.


by Gavin H.



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