Old Spice by Brandon


Old Spice Sport is a deodorant that keeps you from smelling bad. This product has been around for generations. Before my product came in the white container they used to all just come in a small white bottle.

My product Old Spice Sport received the score of 3 from the Environmental Working Group. My product would have received a better score if it did not have a man made chemical in it that can harm you and that is fragrance.

Fragrance is a pleasant smell that will make people want to buy a product but things that are in it are toxic to your immune system which is very important to the human body. Another bad ingredient is Blue 1 aka Brilliant Blue. The worst thing that this can do is that if you have asthma it can give you a major allergic reaction and can cause hypersensitivity and some countries even banned it.

There is a product called High Endurance and it is exactly the same as Old Spice and everything is the same… it even smells the same; High Endurance has a very bad score and it has a higher chance of giving a person cancer than the original and so if you are going to get a deodorant I recommend Old Spice Sport because it smells very good and works great, in my opinion.

In conclusion, if you don’t want to get Old Spice you can get other good deodorants like Axe, Speedstick or Degree and all of these are good ones, none of them are over a score of 4 from the Environmental Working Group.

Thanks for reading!!

by Brandon B.



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