AXE Anarchy Body Gel


My product is Axe Anarchy body gel. People use this product to clean your body when you’re in the shower.

On the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Axe scored an ok 5, but I am still using it.  I’m still using Axe because it hasn’t done anything bad to me yet.

AXE has some good and bad things in it but the worst is fragrance it smells good but it can take away your sense of smell.  It can give you the most common allergies in the world. It can give you allergies by going through your skin and affecting you.  Fragrance is also bad for you because if you have asthma it can really harm you by making it worse.

The best things in AXE are citric acid and water. They don’t have harmful substances in them but they help your body by getting rid of painful feelings in your kidneys.

AXE is a wonderful and good smelling product.  If you don’t like AXE try Coastal Classic Creations Vista del Mar Body Wash & Shampoo.  This healthy shampoo has aloe vera, guar gum and coconut oil.

by Clayton H.



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