Bodycology Frosted Sugar Plum Shimmer Mist


Bodycology Frosted Sugar Plum Shimmer Mist is known for being a nice smelling glittery perfume. A lot of people don’t know that this nice smelling perfume contains an ingredient called fragrance. Little girls may want to buy shimmer mist because it look beautiful, pink, glittery, and smells really good. However, fragrance is still in it which makes the product unhealthy for you.

Some of the ingredients that are in Bodycology Frosted Sugar Plum Shimmer Mist are alcohol denat, fragrance and water. Alcohol denat is an ethanol that has additives makes it poisonous and really bad tasting. Fragrance can cause allergy in mostly children. Fragrance is in a lot of other many things, make sure that you read the ingredients on any soaps, hand sanitizers and perfumes. If you look up fragrance on the Environmental Working Group’s “Skin Deep” website, you will see that fragrance scores an 8 out of 10. Fragrance is really bad for your body because it can cause asthma and many more illnesses and symptoms like migraines.

People with a fragrance allergy may be affected with a red and itchy rash, or other reactions. There are many ingredients in fragrance that a lot of people do not know about like sensitizers. A sensitizer is a substance that causes exposed people to have an allergic reaction in tissue that is normal. The reaction can be as mild as a rash, or as severe as an anaphylactic shock or lung irritation. Anaphylactic shock is very bad for you because you can get allergic reactions to it.

Even though this nice looking and smelling product may look interesting to buy, I do not recommend it. Once you are done reading this article you will not want to use any more products with fragrance in them. Watch out, because other cosmetics might not smell like they have fragrance, but chances are that they do. You should always check your cosmetics ingredients list to make sure there is no fragrance in it.

An alternative for Bodycology Frosted Sugar Plum Shimmer Mist is Raw Materials Sport Fix Body Spray Fragrance Free. This is a better product because it does not have any fragrance in it. This product is very healthy for you. If you are interested in learning more about fragrance, I suggest speaking with a doctor or a chemist.

by Sydney G.-H.



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