Chapstick Classic


Chapstick Classic is a chapstick that people buy because it helps your lips when they are damaged or helps your lips get smooth. There are also different kind of flavors like cherry, spearmint and strawberry… and many more other flavors.  Chapstick sometimes contains sunscreen to prevent your lips from getting dry or rough.

Even though a lot of people like Chapstick, the Environmental Working Group rated it a 6.0 out of 10 which is kind of bad. Chapstick Classic got this score because it has propylparaben.

Propylparaben can affect the human body by irritating sensitive skin and it can also affect human body with rashes and itchy skin. This is a problem because some people can have a really bad reaction on rashes and it can irritate their skin really badly.

After learning about the propylparaben in Chapstick Classic, I think that propylparaben is not that bad to be in Chapstick Classic.  I will still use it.

If you decide to avoid Chapstick and use a different product, I would recommend using “eos” lip balm because its not bad for you to use and because it makes your lips really smooth.

by Jocelyn R.



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