Chapstick is a skin care product that you put on your lips when they get chapped or dry. Using this product moisturizes your lips and makes them feel better and moisturized and it has sun protectant, which protects your lips from the sun. Chapstick is important because it makes your lips look healthier and not flaky and dry.

This moisturizer contains fragrance two different types of organic waxes which are: Beeswax (although some people might have allergies to beeswax) and Copernicia Cerifera wax. The FDA considers Cerifera wax to be a safe direct food additive. Fragrance is a human respiratory irritant and can act like a poison to wildlife and to the environment.

According to the Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetic Database, Chapstick is given a score of 6 out of 10, which isn’t the best rating. Another thing stated by the Environmental Working Group is that there is a worse ingredient in chapstick which is oxybenzone (OBZ) because it can affect your ability to grow and have kids, and it can change your body’s cells.

I found out on a website called PubMed.Gov, a site created by the government, that children’s skin is more susceptible to sun damage for many reasons, including certain anatomical and functional aspects and that oxybenzone should be avoided in sunscreens and lip balms by kids and that instead of using chapstick you should just wear a long sleeve shirt and a hat. I read this in a study conducted by Gilaberte and Carrascosa who work at a hospital in San Jorge, Spain.
The European Union’s scientific committee for cosmetic products and non-food products says oxybenzone has hormone-disrupting effects. A hormone is a substance made in the human body and sent by glands through blood to make cells or tissues act in certain ways. Oxybenzone messes up the routine of hormones and causes harm. In Europe, any skin care product that contains more than 0.5% oxybenzone must be labeled.

Overall I personally think that this product is safe for weekly use but not daily use because I don’t think that you’d want to ingest oxybenzone every day you use chapstick, because it is harmful and dangerous for the human body.

A good alternative for this Chapstick is harbor Cove Chapstick because it has a Cosmetic Database rating of a zero, which is great, and there are no harmful ingredients in it. This chapstick contains organic mango butter, which moisturizes and soothes your lips, Organic calendula oil which is known for its gentle, cooling and soothing properties and last of all eucalyptus oil to aid with healing cracked, dry lips. Thanks for your consideration.

by Alejandro V.




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