Corn Flakes


People buy Corn Flakes because it tastes good and its healthy. What’s in this delicious box of cereal? There is Corn, Folic Acid, Iron and BHT.  Corn Flakes gets a score of B- on so that is pretty good. The Corn Flakes got a B- because it is low in sugar, which is good.

The bad thing is that my product contains the ingredient BHT which is a chemical and it’s bad for us because it could give you cancer and its a liver killer for animals. BHT is toxic in mice and rats causing liver and kidney problems. BHT also can act as a cancer tumor promoter in certain situations.

My recommendation is to not have Corn Flakes because BHT can give you cancer.  And cancer can kill you so if it was my choice to have Corn Flakes or not… it would be no, ‘cause I like being alive.

If you would like to ask a expert about BHT, ask your doctor.  A healthier cereal than Corn Flakes are Cheerios because it is also low in sugar. And there is no BHT in Cheerios.

by Isabella F.



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