Flipz Chocolate Covered Pretzels


Flipz Chocolate Pretzels are pretzels that are covered with chocolate. They are also made with chocolate milk and contain other ingredients and flavors. People like Flipz Chocolate Covered Pretzels because people like pretzels and when they are covered with chocolate they like them even better!

Unfortunately, on FoodFacts.Com these chocolate pretzels receive a score of ‘D’.  They receive this score because they contain corn syrup. Corn syrup is an ingredient that makes pretzels sweet, but there is a huge problem with corn syrup because it makes you obese fast. Corn syrup is used for a thickener and sweetener.

In countries with people that have more ability to get high fructose corn syrup it is 20% more common to have diabetes and get obese faster.

The University of Pennsylvania did a study in 2013 looking at all the links between beverages sweetened with corn syrup and obesity in children.

They found out beverages nowadays have corn syrup in them and make kids more obese.

If you don’t want to eat or drink things with high fructose corn syrup, I recommend organic regular pretzels. One good brand of pretzels is the brand Organics, all of their products are organic. Organic products are not bad for you they are actually have lots of nutrition in it.   I hope you enjoy.  Thank you.

by Heriberto R.



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