Hot Doritos


Kids really like Doritos Nacho Cheese because they are delicious.  They are flavored to taste like nacho cheese, and they are crunchy.  Some ingredients in Doritos Nacho Cheese include corn, vegetable oil, buttermilk, Yellow Number 6, Yellow Number 5 and Red 40.

Even though kids love them, most kids don’t know what Doritos can do to their health.   Doritos has been rated an F.  For example, kids may not know that Doritos contain an ingredient called disodium inosinate. Disodium inosinate is made by microbial fermentation which is a chemical breakdown of a substance by bacteria.  The companies then add a red tapioca starch to make it into a powder form.

In a 2013 study at the University of Minnesota by Grummer, Bobrowski, Karolos, Schoenfuss and Vickers, cheese made with disodium inosinate was less delicious to tasters than cheese made without it.

I used to eat Doritos a lot and now I know not to eat a lot of Doritos as much as I did before.  I will  tell others that it is bad to eat a lot of Doritos because disodium inosinate has an association with a allergic reaction when eaten.

I recommend for people to eat better chips like Ruffles and Lays because Ruffles are rated a B- and Lays are rated a C which has a way better health score you can buy Ruffles and Lays at Walmart or Target.  Both are better than F for Doritos.

by Marko C.



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