Jamba Juice


Jamba Juice is a delicious smoothie brand known for it’s many flavors. Some of the flavors you can get are Five Fruit Frenzy and Mega Mango smoothie.  You can buy a Jamba Juice at the company’s stores.

One popular flavor of Jamba Juice is Strawberries Wild. This smoothie contains bananas, which have 41% of the needed Vitamin B6.  Strawberries have lots and lots of vitamin A, which is very good.

Jamba Juice helps your body get nutrients and it’s refreshing on a hot day.  It can be a quick meal or a snack.  A problem ingredient, however, is sugar.  For example, Five Fruit Frenzy has 44 grams of sugar. Too much sugar is unhealthy and can cause you to become overweight.

Sugar has different names such as, lactose, dextrose, and glucose, so reading labels is important. Most people don’t think smoothies are high in sugar.

So now that we know Jamba Juice is high in added sugar, some good alternatives to drinking Jamba Juice would be to make your own smoothie at home with less fruit and add plain yogurt or veggies. And if you really what Jamba Juice, sharing a smoothie is a good idea. Thanks for reading this article.  Hope you enjoyed it and learned something new.

by Drake A.



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