Old Spice by Alexis


Old Spice is used by many people to make them smell fresh after playing sports or a long day of hard work in the sun because it can cause people to sweat. This might be embarrassing so Old Spice is a good product for scent but not health. Sometimes Old Spice can be really helpful to people who use it.

Old Spice is a deodorant that stops odor. You go on the internet to Google it and if you notice they don’t really say what’s in those ingredients to make that scent in fragrance.

Fragrance can hurt the environment AND your immune system. Fragrance can poison you and hurt the human body, even in infants. It can also get into your organ system, cause health defects, cancer and serious irritation. Fragrance can cause a rash that irritates your skin in the place where you used your deodorant.

To me this is very serious and after doing research about Old Spice I stopped using it. Fragrance is the most serious ingredient because the chemicals can hurt the human body. For example, fragrance can cause irritation in lungs, which probably makes it hard to breathe.

I don’t recommend children or adults using Old Spice. Good products to use that are safe include Honeybee Garden, and Unscented Ban Invisible. You can buy these products at local stores or online. These products are good… the use restrictions aren’t high, they’re low. These products that I recommended will not cause cancer. Thank you for reading about my product, Old Spice.

by Alexis S.



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