Old Spice by De’Andre


Old Spice Deodorant is known for keeping underarms from getting musty. When you open the cap for Old Spice Deodorant you instantly fall in love with the fragrance. The owners of Old Spice say that Old Spice Deodorant has a good fragrance, but they don’t mention anything else.

I personally think Old Spice is great but, they have bad comments from the government and Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep website. The score Old Spice Deodorant received was a 4 out of 10 because of the fragrance.
Fragrance is dangerous because it can cause asthma attacks and it can disrupt your hormones, which could affect your growth. Fragrance can also give you tumors.

The other ingredients in Old Spice Deodorant that cause it to have a low score are: Triclosan, SD Alcohol 40, and Propylene Glycol. There are much more ingredients inside of Old Spice Deodorant.

I’m not trying to lower this product so that you don’t use it. I actually think Old Spice Deodorant is a great product, because if you are going out some place nice you probably want to smell good. So if you have Old Spice Deodorant you can keep your underarms from getting musty and have a delightful smell.

A good alternative to Old Spice is Natural Solution Himalayan Salt Deodorant Bar, because it received a score of 0 on the SkinDeep website. It is good for you because it’s all natural and it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. A review from Amazon.com states that this deodorant bar gives you 24 hour protection, and it kills bacteria at the source.

I’m De’Andre P. and this was my article on Old Spice Deodorant.



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