OREO Double Stuf


Oreo Double Stuf cookies are a very popular brand of snack which are very delicious and that is why they are so popular. They taste very yummy, like cookies with cream. I have been researching all about them.

Some ingredients in Oreo Double Stuf are unbleached, enriched flour and Vitamin B Complex. On the website Fooducate.Com, the Oreo Double Stuf scored a C+ when an A+ is the best. The reason why it scored so poorly is because of the ingredients sugar and high fructose corn syrup. These both are very tasty things but very unhealthy. They are very fattening.

High Fructose Corn Syrup is made with maize, maltose and oligosaccharides. It has glucose converted into fructose, which produces a sweetener. It is harmful for your body because it helps humans develop diabetes. It mostly produces diabetes type two, which is the one you get from high blood sugar.

The United States researchers say that high fructose corn syrup is commonly found in soft drinks as a sweetener and that it commonly leads up to obesity. They also say that high fructose corn syrup is one of the most popular sweeteners but one of the most unhealthy sweeteners. The American Heart Association says that women should not get over 100 calories of added sugar or sweetener a day. I got this research from website called WorldWatch.Org.

On this website I also saw studies made by the European Union, Japan and Argentina that say that high fructose corn syrup is mostly always mixed with other sweeteners, sugars and chemicals. These foods are mostly foods eaten in just the USA. They are not in Europe and other countries.

At first I thought of Oreos as good and yummy but when I went to Fooducate.Com and I saw that they gave the product a C+, I wondered why. I studied the ingredients and I came across the fructose and corn syrup. That stuff isn’t good for you. I learned that these ingredients can make you fat. Now I will make better choices.

A good alternative I found that I recommend is Organic Newman O’s, which taste like Oreos but have healthier ingredients. You will like Newman O’s because they do taste delicious and you will not put your body in risk of getting diabetes. If you like Oreos and want to eat healthier, you should buy Newman O’s.

by Eli S.


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