Petroleum Jelly


Petroleum Jelly has many uses. You might not know this product as Petroleum Jelly, but rather as Vaseline. You are able to use it for your feet or dry elbows, but probably the most common way people use Petroleum Jelly is putting it on their lips. Petroleum Jelly moisturizes and protects lips and other places you apply it.

Petroleum Jelly is made from waxy petroleum that is lighter and thinner created for makeup uses. The waxy petroleum is distilled from oil produced on oil rigs. They filter it through bone char, which is basically char (char is an object, in this case bone, that is blackened on the surface) formed into a shape of a bone, and turns into Petroleum Jelly.

This product says on the label that it is designed to protect skin from minor cuts and burns. How it does that is by using an ingredient called Petrolatum. Petrolatum is an oil-like substance that sometimes is used to cover wounds and protect them from bacteria.  The Environmental Working Group’s “Skin Deep” rated petroleum jelly as a “0”!

PubMed is run by the U.S. government. They collect studies and it is almost like database. In one case study using Petroleum Jelly, scientists tested the product on white New Zealand rabbits. Chandra, Peterson, Melich, Merrill, Bailey, Mellon-Kusibab, and Adler conducted this study. Petroleum Jelly was irritating the rabbits, but it didn’t bother mice, rats, or minipigs (Minipigs are just regular pigs, but smaller.) What was happening to the rabbits was that they got a little bit of red on the skin which is also called Erythema.

Overall, Petroleum Jelly is very healthy for you and unless you eat it it’s not going to harm you. Petroleum Jelly is healthy for you because it is won’t hurt you if you apply it to yourself and it helps you if you have a wound. I would recommend it not only for kids, but other people as well because it’s good for dry skin and cuts. If you  play sports, I recommend athletes use Petroleum Jelly so they don’t have to be worried about getting bad bacteria into their cuts.

Another alternative product that you could get if you still aren’t sold on Petroleum Jelly is Coconut Oil because it also received a rating of “0” on the Skin Deep website. Coconut Oil is a fatty oil that is used in candies and even cosmetics. It also can be an application to foods or even medicine.

Coconut Oil is made from matured coconuts and the oil is taken from the coconut in many different ways such as forcing the oil out of the coconut under extremely cold temperatures.

A concern about Coconut Oil is it might increase weight because it is a fatty oil and it might increase your cholesterol level if you eat it. Even so no scientific research supports those ideas. Some rumors say that it might even increase good cholesterol levels. Allergies to coconut oil are rare.  That said, overall, Petroleum Jelly is good for you and it won’t hurt you.  I highly recommend it.

by Samantha P.



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