Petroleum Jelly


Petroleum Jelly is a wonderful beauty product for kids and adults. Petroleum Jelly can be found in stores like pharmacies, beauty shops, Sephora, and more. But in stores sometimes Petroleum Jelly can also be called Vaseline. Petroleum Jelly can help kids or adults with dried lips, cuts, burns, and dried skin.

Skin Deep is a website that shows health and beauty products.  The Environmental Working Group gives Petroleum Jelly a score of 3 because it has 2 ingredients that contain bad things in them.  One of these ingredients is Fragrance.

Perfume has a mix of 4,000 extracts from vegetables and animals in it.  Some of these can cause problems.  Fragrance gets a score of eight from the Environmental Working Group because it causes allergies and asthma attacks.  It can cause skin rashes and headaches.  Fragrance is named to be among the top five known allergens and also is known to cause or trigger asthma attacks out of the blue.

An example of this was talked about in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, in an article from March 2001.   The article told about a doctor being attacked by a patient who sprayed perfume three times in her face.  The doctor had to go through a long medical treatment because her body got really sick from the perfume, including wheezing, shortness of breath, and hives.

Now that I know about the Fragrance in Petroleum Jelly, I feel a little scared.  I never knew about Fragrance before.  I would not recommend this product for doctors, children or adults.

If you have a bad burn or a cut you could try making your own skin softener using beeswax and olive oil.  This is better for your body because you are making it yourself and you know that the things inside of it are good for you.  Olive oil is very healthy and since there are only two ingredients, there is not as much stuff in this product for you to worry about!

by Kelley-Reanne R.-D.



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