Pickles and Yellow 5


As you might know pickles are delicious snacks. They are green juicy and salty, they are also crunchy and REALLY good! Did you know that pickles are cucumbers? Pickles are cucumbers that have been seasoned with any kind of spices you like, including celery seeds and black seeds and so forth. Pickles are also made out of vinegar water and A LOT of salt!!

Unfortunately pickles aren’t as amazing for your health as they might taste like! One thing that isn’t that good about pickles is that they have a lot of sodium! Sodium is table salt. It is “40% sodium and 60% chloride”. And sodium is REALLY bad for you because it can retain water and you NEED a lot of water in your body!

Sodium retains water because when you eat salt your body attempts to dilute it by holding water around your cells and adds more water to your bloodstream! Salt also makes you feel puffy or bloated!
Also, eating too much sodium can give you high blood pressure which can lead to have a stroke or even heart disease! There is also something in salt that makes you want to have more and more of whatever you are eating!! I went on a website called FIT DAY and they said we need about 2,000 mg of sodium daily! And one pickle has 385 mg!!! So if you eat like a couple pickles it can really mess up your diet because sodium is in A LOT of stuff!! We need sodium in our bodies to stay healthy, but not as much sodium as pickles have.

As if sodium weren’t bad enough, dill Pickles also contain tartrazine!! Tartrazine is a fancier word for Yellow Number 5. I read in Forbes Magazines that Tartrazine actually made out of coal!! Tartrazine is something that is REALLY REALLY bad for you! It can give you cancer! Also the F.D.A. said it can also makes kids more hyperactive!

Food Facts gave Dill pickles a score of “F” !!! Food Facts is a website that gives rates foods by their ingredients and explains what is really in them. They gave Dill Pickles a score of “F” due to tartrazine and because they have a lot of sodium! I also looked up cucumbers on food facts and it gave them a A.

The US isn’t happy about tartrazine either but they haven’t banned it yet. Meanwhile tartrazine is even banned in some countries! Like Norway, Austria and Germany! So we are getting the same kind of responses that tartrazine is REALLY bad for you!!

Pickles are good and tasty but they aren’t the healthiest food so I think if you really like pickles then maybe you shouldn’t eat them every day! Like once a week or something! If you don’t feel like eating pickles anymore a good alternative is cucumbers!

Food Facts.com gives Cucumbers a rating of A. Cucumbers are a great alternative because they are also green, juicy and still really good! I hope this helped you to eat better and stay healthy! 🙂

by Yasmin C.



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