Pickles are delicious snacks; they are green, juicy, and curvy.  Did you know that pickles come from cucumbers?  This is how cucumbers turn into pickles:  First you season the cucumbers with any kinds of spices you like. Then you add vinegar, water and a lot of salt.

Dill pickles contain sodium.  I was shocked because many Dill pickles contain Yellow Number 5, also known as Tartrazine.  It is really bad and can be found in different types of food like food coloring, sun chips, waffle products, Lucky Charms and many other foods.  Yellow Number 5 is also in potato chips, candy, drinks, and dog food, its also added in shampoo and cosmetic products.

Yellow Number 5 is a food dye that can make kids more hyperactive! The University of Melbourne in 1994 showed that hyperactive children may become more irritable, restless and have poor sleep after eating Yellow Number 5.

On the Internet some sites say that Dill pickles are good for you, but Dill pickles are actually bad for you because they contain Yellow Number 5. On a website called Food Facts, Dill pickles receive a score of F- because of the tartrazine.  Now you and I know what’s in Dill pickles colored with Yellow Number 5.  So now we can eat healthily and maybe we can be careful of what we are eating.

If you don’t want to eat Dill pickles, a better choice would be Woodstock Farms Kosher Baby Dill Pickles because they have organic cucumbers, organic garlic chips, and organic natural spice flavors.

by Cassandra C.



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