Rite Aid Body Lotion


Rite Aid Body Lotion moisturizes your body. This lotion is used for keeping your skin moisturized, like hands and legs.

Different ingredients do different things for the product.  Glycerin is one of the main ingredients in my product.  It helps itchy dry skin, and minor skin irritations.  Another ingredient in Rite Aid Body Lotion is carbomer. Carbomer is used as a thickener, it helps keep the lotion creamy to feel nice on your skin.

One ingredient in my product rated a 7 on ‘Environmental Working Group’s ‘’Skin Deep” website which means it is bad for you.  The ingredient is propylparaben and it causes breakdown of the immune system. That means you will not be able to fight off colds or other sick things that might happen to you.  Also it can cause reproductive problems in women.  This means you could become unable to have children when you’re older.

Propylparaben ingredient is mostly used in cosmetics.  Shampoos, lipsticks, sunscreens, and moisturizers also contain propylparaben in their product. It is used as a preservative, something that helps keep a food from molding or going bad, till the point where we can’t eat it or use it.

Propylparaben was once used up to 25% in products.  Today in the US, companies in one product they may only use 0.01 to 0.3  in the whole product. Propylparaben does not affect humans in low levels of use in cosmetics and beauty products. The European Union thought about banning propylparaben in products for infants. Denmark banned parabens in all products for children under 3 years old.

Despite the health concerns I would recommend you use Rite Aid Body Lotion because it will keep your skin moisturized and it is quite inexpensive. Rite Aid Body Lotion has no fragrance so if you don’t want to smell like rainbows and flowers its a good lotion for you.  It is easy to clean and white, so it will not stain. I personally use Rite Aid Body Lotion in the mornings and my skin stays smooth for the whole day.

Another product you could try is Creme de Corps. This product only got a score of 2 out of 10. Also the most harmful ingredient in it is only a 3 and it uses citrus from fruits. This is a lotion that hydrates and keeps skin smooth, and relieves dry or itchy skin.



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