Spiker Styling Gel


Spiker is a hair styling gel for keeping your awesome hair steady and cool all day.  Whichever way you move it, it stays there… even if you play sports and sweat a lot, it will still stick. People buy this product if they have thick, strong, and SUPER straight hair.  Spiker is so strong and it glues your hair so hard that by the end of the day you will have to wash your hair very good to get rid of the gel.

The only problem you will find is that Spiker contains some troubling ingredients like the chemicals in fragrance.  Fragrance makes Spiker styling gel smell good and Lilial makes the gel smoother, however, both fragrance and lilial are chemical compounds so that means that you are adding chemicals to your hair every time you use it.   In fact, Spiker gets a score of 6 out of 10 by the Environmental Working Group because of fragrance.

A study made by American University of Beirut in 2012 explained that fragrance chemicals like lilial and lyral can reduce the life of skin cells.  When you put Spiker on your head, the fragrance may kill the skin cells on your head.  The Environmental Working Group says that Fragrance gets a bad score of 8 out of 10 because it can irritate your eyes, hurt your lungs, or hurt your body organs.

Spiker is made by JOICO Laboratories located in Los Angeles California most of the haircut places sell Spiker for about $15.00 for a tube of 6 OZ.  This is quite expensive, especially if you are a person like me that uses Spiker every day.

I do NOT recommend this product because it can hurt your skin and eyes and change your body.  You may look good but your body changes every time you use Spiker.

If you are concerned about fragrance and lilial in your hair gel, I recommend that you try Sebastian Liquid Steel because Sebastian Liquid Steel is perfect for thick, wavy hair or stubborn straight and textured hair. Sebastian Liquid Steel it’s extremely strong and will hold down, slick back and keep any hair firmly in place and it gets a better health rating.

by Eric M.



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