Totino’s Pizza Bites


Totino’s Pizza Bites taste very good!  You can buy them with pepperoni or without… sometimes just with plain cheese.  One reason why people buy pizza rolls is that they are very filling and not that expensive.  Pizza Bites are a food that you can eat for a snack or for dinner.  They may not be designed for dinner but they taste good and people like them because you can eat more than one.

Totino’s Pizza Bites are covered with sauce and cheese.  They are made from flour, pepperoni, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, and added sugar.  Together, these ingredients combine to make a pizza bite.

The ingredient that receives the worst score in my product is the partially hydrogenated soybean oil.   Companies use this oil because they won’t have to use too much money to make the pizza bites.  It will also help the food stay fresh longer and feel good in your mouth when you bite into the pizza bites.

Soybeans are good by themselves.  When they are hydrogenated they can last longer on the shelves but the healthiness of the food is destroyed.  Good fats are turned into bad fats.  Partially hydrogenated soybean oil is bad because if you are allergic to soy, you could have an allergic reaction… it might affect your skin or your breathing.  This ingredient can also affect your cholesterol.  Studies have linked trans-fats to bad problems including making you overweight, getting diabetes, stopping you from having children, and your heart can even stop pumping.

For these reasons, Pizza Bites receive a score of “F” on Food Facts.Com.  This is a website that shows research about the ingredients in food and grades them from A to F.  Scores for foods are based on ingredients and how they affect your body.

Even though they taste really good, Totino’s Pizza Bites are still very bad for you.  For this reason, I recommend making your own pizzas with ingredients that include spinach, mushrooms, broccoli, garlic and chicken.  You can buy an Ultimate Whole Grain wheat pizza crust that has no sugar, no cholesterol and no saturated fat!

by Robert C.



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