Hostess has been around for a long time and a lot of people have eaten their products, but only a few kids have paid any attention to the ingredients in their product.

When a food tastes good one wants to eat more of it.  But nobody knows that this squishy goodness is actually very bad for your body.

A few ingredients in Twinkies may cause health problems. Those ingredients are Yellow 5 and Red 40.  You might wonder, “What are Yellow 5 and Red 40?”   These are both artificial food colorings. Yellow 5 is also known as tartrazine. Tartrazine is artificial food coloring that has an orange and yellow color. Red 40 is also artificial food coloring.

There have been studies to prove that these ingredients are bad for your body. Yellow 5 may cause allergic reactions and attacks in people who have asthma. Some reactions that yellow 5 can cause by eating it or putting it on your skin, is that your skin would be itchy and have purple patches, or you could have problems sleeping.  These allergic reactions were studied by the University Hospital in Zurich, Switzerland in 1993.  In addition, the University of Melbourne in 1994 did a study about Yellow 5 and found that it made the children hyperactive and restless.

Red 40 is also known as Allura red and guess what? Red 40 is made of  coal tar and petroleum.   Gross, and we put that in our body!   Red 40 can cause allergic reactions and hives and your skin can swell up.

There are other bad ingredients like high fructose corn syrup that make it sweet, but also a few normal ingredients that which you would put in cake like eggs, flour, water, and baking soda.

Now take at least 5 seconds and look at the ingredients in your products because you might think that they are healthy and cheap, but you do not know how they can affect someone. Do you really think that Twinkies are natural and real?  If you thought they were, then you thought wrong.

Twinkies are viewed as a gift to some people with their cake crust and creamy filling.  When you bite into a Twinkie it feels like you’re in heaven, but this sweet treat is a bad choice. If your taste buds want something sweet make it at home with your family. It would be fun and delicious I would not let kids eat this because it is unhealthy, thanks to food coloring. Healthy is the way to go!


by Marissa H.



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