Vaseline Intensive Care


Vaseline Intensive Care Total Moisture Aloe Fresh Light Feeling helps your skin get moisturized. When you put on the lotion you are experiencing a sweet sensation, but you should think about what is in this lotion, and what it is actually doing to your skin.

Vaseline Intensive Care is made with glycerin and two other ingredients – dimethicone and fragrance. Glycerin is water-loving, so it keeps moisture in your skin. Glycerin is good for you. Dimethicone helps the lotion spread around on your skin. So when you go home you get lotion, then spread it on your skin, it should be easy as 1 2 3.

Another ingredient is fragrance. You know that fragrance smells good but what does it actually do to your skin? Well this is what it does to you: Fragrance can cause asthma attacks, allergic reactions, skin rash, and breathing difficulty. All this can happen, but unfortunately companies don’t tell us all the ingredients in their product. since companies won’t tell us what’s really in their products.  Safe Cosmetics says one out of fifty people suffer from immune system damage from fragrance.

Vaseline Intensive care scores a 4 on the Environmental Working Group scale which (to me) is on the risky side. There is a small cancer risk associated with this product.

A healthier choice is Burt’s Bees Fragrance Free Body Lotion for all Skin Types, with Shea Butter & Vitamin E. You can use this product to moisturize your skin and you wouldn’t have to worry a lot about getting cancer!

by Alicia C.



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