Wheat Thins



Wheat thins are crackers that we eat for snacks and for lunch.  They are so delicious and good to eat. Kids eat them with cheese, peanut butter and cream cheese.

Wheat thins got a score of “B” from Fooducate.Com.  Some ingredients in Wheat Thins are soybean oil and malt syrup.

Another ingredient used is BHT to preserve the crackers so they can last long.  BHT is not good for you at all.  The National Institute of Health states that BHT can cause cancer in living tissues and organs like the liver, flesh, heart, etc.

In a 2002 study by the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, scientists found that BHT causes lung tumors in mice.

Even though the BHT is not great in original Wheat Thins, other kind of wheat thins are actually worse for you because in addition to BHT when they add more artificial flavors, the more bad it is for you.

A healthy snack that I would recommend is some Triscuit crackers with some cheese on top of it or peanut butter.  Triscuit gets a score of B+ on Fooducate, and does not contain BHT.  You can have that instead of the Wheat Thins. But if you love Wheat Thins, you can have them once in a while.

by Ami F.



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