Our School

logoHigh Tech Middle Chula Vista (HTMCV) is a public charter school located in the Chula Vista community of Eastlake on the outskirts of the city of San Diego.

Now in our third year, we are proud to be one of the newest members of the High Tech High village of schools.

Dedicated to serving students grades 6 – 8, HTMCV roots its curriculum in the High Tech High design principles of common intellectual mission, adult-world connection and personalization.

Teachers and students at our school co-create inquiry driven “real world” projects that immerse students in deeper learning and develop their critical thinking skills.  Students are challenged to explore their academic passions through projects and then take the knowledge, skills and tools they develop and use them to create authentic experiences and products of lasting value.

At HTMCV we encourage our students to engage with the vibrant community in which we are located, our city at large, and with the wide world around us.  We feel that our students create some of their best work when engaging with authentic audiences and tackling issues of substance.

During their time in our school students develop their sense of personal empowerment, realizing that they can make an important difference in the lives of others… and a profound impact on the world they inhabit.


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